Doc's Consulting Ltd was formed in 2000 and has actively played a role in raising funds, assisting in mergers and acquisition as well as Investor Relations. In 1991, Craig Doctor worked as the Investor Relations strategist for Tylox Resources, which changed their name in 1992, Tracer Petroleum Corporation. While there, he raised six million US ($6 million US) using a marketing strategy that combined mailings, newsletter writers and road trips to various brokerage firms. Craig also was influential in raising another nine million US ($9 million US) through a underwriting with Gaines, Berland Inc.

Craig moved to Continental Energy as the new IR strategist there in 1999 and in March 2004 started consulting for Entourage Mining Ltd.

Doc's Consulting Investor Relations service is to assist companies in public company awareness. Doc's Consulting has a communication and marketing strategy that brings in new investors and effectively keeping shareholders up to date with their client's news. Doc's Consulting also has a proprietary list of investors that he uses to introduce new shareholders to his clients. Doc's Consulting can also assist in Investor fact sheets and Investor Relation kits creation. Doc's Consulting is also available for Trade shows and other Investor Relations communication events.