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DOC'S CONSULTING LTD - Vancouver Investor Relations Firm

Doc's Consulting Ltd (Vancouver BC) specializes in Investor Relations Services as well as raising money for Private or Public Companies and can play an integral part in Mergers and Acquisition. Craig Doctor, owner operator has been working in Investor Relations for the past 30 years and has helped raised over 15 million for his clients through various strategic IR campaigns.

Doc's Consulting follows a structured plan of effective communications between client-investors-brokerage firms.


At Doc's Consulting Ltd., we customize Investor Relations packages that are best suited for their clients. Some of those services can include:

  • Raising money through accredited Investors
  • Investor Relations Communications planning
  • Calling potential investors
  • Calling current shareholders
  • Calling current Brokers and Analysts
  • Assist in multimedia/PowerPoint presentations
  • Create retail buying
  • Email campaigns


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