Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Over the years, social media channels have grown to one of the most powerful avenues for marketing businesses. In fact, more businesses are now including social media marketing as part of their organization's advertising plan. 

Despite social media offering businesses many benefits, there are still some negative effects that you need to consider. Here, JabaRanks will walk you through some of the pros and cons of social media marketing.

Pros of Social Media Marketing


Setting up an account on social media is free. While most platforms let you pay when posting ads or publishing content, this is not necessary with social media. Even though most features are free, you will need to invest in some features to maximize your gains. This all may look discouraging, but it's still more cost-effective than most marketing tactics out there.

Brand Awareness

Social media marketing lets you build your brand. When you get people to interact with your products and services, it creates awareness among the public. You will get leads and website traffic that you wouldn't get from anywhere else. 

Direct Connection with Your Audience

Social media let you connect with your customers. You'll know people that are interested in your brand and why they choose to follow you. Establishing a direct connection with your audience will improve your marketing campaign.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Social media brings more traffic to your business. They bring customers to your site to view and order your products and services. The best way to get more traffic to your site is to use your social media platforms to promote content, whether through articles or informative blogs.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers prefer to get a personal response rather than getting an automated response. This helps you interact with more customers and shows you care about them, putting you in the best position.

Cons of Social Media Marketing

Risk of Getting Negative Feedback

People use social media channels to share their experiences about a particular product or service. If customers have a poor experience with your business, they might share their opinion about your services on your social media account. Negative customer feedback can affect your business from getting more traffic, leads, and conversions over time.

Time Consuming

Social media marketing isn't an overnight success. It requires a lot of time refreshing your pages with suitable content to keep your audience engaged. It also involves a lot of research, which ultimately consumes your time.

You Need to Wait to See Results

Social media marketing results aren't always immediate. This means posting a single piece of content on social media doesn't determine the success of your marketing campaign. You must post many pieces of content for some time before deciding if your campaign is successful or not.

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