Custom Firefighter Challenge Coins

Custom Firefighter Challenge Coins

Here at LT’s Challenge coins, we sell challenge coins for many groups. Our firemen love our custom Firefighters challenge coins. Some do not know what a challenge coin is. It is a small coin with the group’s picture on it that is carried by the members. They are generally given to the recipient formally by the unit leader or commander.  Challenger coins were once called "Portrait Medals." This term was used mostly in the Renaissance. They are mainly used to improve morale or award a group. They are also sometimes used to help remember a particular event in time. They are used as awards for many things. The firefighters' coins sometimes show a particularly hard fire the company battled, or They come in several different finishes. They are sometimes given as proof of membership to an organization. The most popular groups to use them is the military, but they are becoming more popular with police departments, fire departments, and sports groups.

The challenge coins are two-sided and while one side shows a symbol of the group or organization, the other side can show something about the recipient. This could be a home, family or favorite activity. Some groups such as the scouts will trade them amongst the members. Some groups or organizations will and their members will collect these coins. This is especially true when they are used as commemorative coins for some event or accomplishment.

Custom Firefighter Challenge Coins are made for a specific fire station and used to show pride and close fraternity with the firefighters in that unit. There is a tradition with the challenge coin that is interesting. It originated with the military members that were is active combat. This was mostly in Germany during World War II. The coins were used to identify a member of an elite unit.

During a visit to a bar, one of the members will challenge the others. They do this by slamming the coin on the counter when they get the check for their drinks. When this happened the other members would show their coins. If there was a member who did not have his then he had to pay the ticket for everyone who was able to show theirs. However the challenge often backfired because all the members were able to show their coins, then the one that called the challenge had to cover every member's tabs. 

At LT’s challenge coins, we let the customer design the custom firefighters challenge coin. We can either use an emblem or design that you send us or we can give you ideas and show you some of the artwork we have done before. You can choose from any color or combination of colors. We can also do the coins in many shapes and sizes. Our most popular sizes are the one and three-fourths inch and the two-inch coins.  The artwork is a service to you, and you are not charged for it. We will work with it until you are satisfied. We want your custom Firefighters to challenge coins to be unique and exactly what you want.

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Custom Firefighter Challenge Coins Custom Firefighter Challenge Coins