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Blockchain Week

Blockchain Week

A 21st-century meeting attendee can walk into a conference nothing but their phone or a tablet. The phone has compiled all other tools we would previously need, such as a calendar, notebook, camera, and event planner. The rule of thumb to having a productive blockchain week revolves around the following:

  • Preparation
  • Flexibility
  • Enjoyment
  • Follow up

Research the speakers

We do not have an excuse not to know the attendees of an event in detail. It is essential to have an idea of what to expect in the meeting. Study the angle with which the speakers will deliver the talks. The Colorado Blockchain event set for October 3rd to the 4th will have the attendance scientists, company presidents and CEOs, innovators, architects and many more.

Set clear objectives

Most meetings will sound like mindless ramble and absolute boredom if you do not approach it with a target. Be clear on what you want to learn before beginning the first day of the week. This will prepare you to have the right questions for the speakers so that you can fine-tune the talk to serve your intended goal.

Remember to keep the agenda of the event open until the end of the meeting. You can marinate on the various topics and marry them into one general lesson and vision. The blockchain week will focus on the financial aspect of cryptocurrencies, the BC application of coins and pioneering platforms. Center your thought process around these areas to reap the most out of the topics.

Consider and remove obstacles

The global blockchain summit plans every articulate part of a conference. This setup does not, however, mean that we can control the environmental interferences in the region. Research on the expected weather pattern and prepare accordingly.

You will, however, not have a rough time maneuvering through the summit if it begins to pour. The location at Westminster, Colorado, has exclusive accommodation and catering services.

Make payments

The Summit Standard registration fee costs $599, while the student and government employee fee are $499. We have subscription packages that offer different benefits. These include bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Register today to book a spot before the tickets run out.

Plan follow up activities

The blockchain week is not all about serious cryptocurrency talks. The meals in between social interaction opportunities are great for following up with your favorite topics and speakers. Jot down the subjects that will spark good conversation among attendees and find different aspects to expand your comprehension.

The particular event on the 3rd to the 4th will include music, organized discussions, and several additional topics outside crypto. Lectures in small groups will afford you a more intimate learning session, which you will use to probe on the area of interest.

Maintain the network

Use social media to maintain formidable entrepreneurial and professional relationships. LinkedIn is a professionally acceptable platform that will afford you a chance to build worthwhile rapports with prospective business partners. Advance the links to platforms that are more sociable once you establish the proper trust.

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